CLIHO Shimoakatsuka Tokyo guest house


1. Either send an email via the homepage or call for vacancy information.
(If the room is vacant,the room may be viewed)

2. An application form will be handed when the room is viewed.
This may be submitted by FAX or other offered method.
(FAX +81-3-3851-6708)

3. After the move-in date is decided,the written contract will be filled out at the location of the property.
(After steps 1 through 3 have been completed,the room key will be handed)
(The written contract will be offered in either Japanese or English)

4. Move-in.

1. A copy of a form of ID (Passport copy,driver's license copy,etc)
For non-Japanese occupants a copy of their visa and entrance card pages ar also required.

2. Deposit of 30,000yen.

3. Month's rent (For occupants that move in the middle of the month,the rent will be calculated daily)

・ A 1 month notice prior to move out date must be submitted the manager. If a notice is not submitted to the manager and the initial contract period ends,the contract will automatically terminate and the room may not be used.

・ Monies will not be returned if the occupant moves out prior to the contracted move-out date when it is for a personal reason or there is a breach of contract.

・ Rooms must be cleaned upon moving out and the key is to be returned. If it is decided that the room was not properly cleaned,an extra fee must be paid by the occupant that did not do a satisfactory cleaning job.

・ With most properties,the deposit will be made into an account designated by the occupant,after that month's utilities have been deducted.The deposit return wiring fees will be covered by FRESHROOM.